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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are you available to schedule appointments?
A: Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., though evening appointments can be made as needed. Weekend appointments are available during tax season.
Q: How long will my appointment take?
A: It depends on your situation. The simplest case can be done in an hour, but more complex cases require more time.
Q: Should I take the standard deduction or itemize my deductions?
A: Basically, if you do not have large unreimbursed medical expenses, you have a mortgage on your home, or you contribute large amounts to charity, you will be better off to take the standard deduction. However, there are exceptions to this.
Q: Should I participate in the prepaid child care payroll deduction plan at my office?
A: If you are in the 28% tax bracket, you will want to participate and pay those costs with pre-taxed dollars. However, if you are in the 15% tax bracket, you will want to pay those costs directly and not participate in your employer's plan.
Q: How can I tell what tax bracket I am in?
A: You can find out by looking at the XYZ Tax Rate Schedules that are listed after the Tax Tables on your return. Find the schedule for your filing status and locate your taxable income (not total income) and note the rate on that line.

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